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Adjective and Adverb Resources for 2nd Graders

Hey there.

In this post, I'm sharing Adjective and Adverb Resources I created for 2nd Grade students. And a Freebie!

πŸ‘‰If you are looking for Fun Adjective Activities to do with your class, proceed to this blog post.

When I made all these sheets, I wanted to give 2nd Grade teachers a variety of practice sheets to use throughout the whole year!

I wanted easier worksheets that I could use in the beginning of the year to introduce the concept, and more rigorous ones that integrated reading and writing as the kids got older.

I also wanted to have different activities that students could use in a Center. The activities would be easier at first, then I'd increase the level of difficulty.

πŸ‘€This is what the 2nd Grade Adjective Packet looks like:

Available at my TpT Store


This product consists of practice worksheets that target the Common Core standards for Adjectives and Adverbs in 2nd Grade, and 4 Games for your Literacy Center.

Practice sheets clearly target a Common Core standard that is identified on the top right corner of each page.

Activities include: cut and paste, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, color, write sentences, and circle/underline target words.

Because of the variety of sheets, you can use them to differentiate instruction and when you review these standards many times throughout the year.

The Literacy Centers also target 2nd Grade skills. The cards for the games need to be laminated and cut.

Adjectives are also a 1st Grade CCSS. If you own the 1st Grade Adjectives file, you will find some of that material in here as well. Feel free to ask about this before purchasing this resource.

There is a color and a Black & White option for all games.


☞☞ Adjectives

(22 Practice Pages + Answer Keys)

• Pages 3, 5, 7 – Identify/Use Adjectives

• Page 9 – Sort Adjectives

• Pages 11, 13 – Match Adjectives to Nouns – Cut and Paste

• Pages 15, 17 - Match Adjectives to Nouns – Fill in the Chart

• Pages 18, 20, 22, 23 – Fill in the Blanks

• Pages 24, 26 – Read Story, Circle Adjective, Underline Noun

• Pages 28 – 33 – Write sentences to describe pictures

• Pages 34, 36 – Multiple Choice Questions

☞☞ Adverbs

(15 Practice Pages + Answer Keys)

• Page 38 – List of Commonly Used Adverbs

• Pages 39, 41 – Sort Adverbs

• Pages 43, 45 – Fill in the Blanks

• Pages 47, 49 - Read Story, Circle Adverb, Underline Verb

• Pages 51 – 56 – Write sentences to describe pictures

• Pages 57, 59 – Multiple Choice Questions

☞ ☞ Games for Literacy Centers

✔ Identify an Adjective

• Sorting Mat

• 2 sets of 18 cards

• Recording Sheet

✔ Identify an Adverb

• Sorting Mat

• 2 sets of 18 cards

• Recording Sheet

✔ Race to the End - Adjectives

• Board

• Direction

• 24 cards

✔ Race to the End - Adverbs

• Board

• Direction

• 24 cards

You will need a die and place markers for "Race to the End" Games

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1st and 2nd Grade 

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