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Teaching Conjunctions

The trouble I had the first time I taught conjunctions was not realizing that even though I used them all the time, I didn’t know how to explain what each conjunction meant!

If that’s you, here’s a chart with precious information!

If you’re ready to jump into lesson planning, here are some things that I do when teaching conjunctions:

1.    I introduce one conjunction at a time.

I like to start with “and”.

2.    To model, I write sentences on the board in two columns. 

We read the sentences and decide which two go together. Then we write a compound sentence using the conjunction we are working on.

Remember to use commas when joining complete sentences. Phrases that cannot stand alone do not require the use of a comma before the conjunction.

3.    I give sentence strips to my students. 

Kids love writing their own compound sentences! If you're concerned some can't do it yet, pair the students who need help with independent writers!

4.    Mix conjunctions in the same lesson when students are ready. 

At first, when I mix conjunctions I use contrasting conjunctions like “and” and “or”, or “and” and “but”, or conjunctions that relate to each other like “so” and “because”. 

5. Give students plenty of practice. 

Here’s an inexpensive Conjunctions Packet from my TpT store with several practice activities and games to complement your lessons! 

I hope some of these ideas make it easier for you to teach conjunctions this year!

1st and 2nd Grade 

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