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Ten Tips to Make Newsletter Writing Easy Breezy!

I remember feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when I first started writing newsletters. Each month I learned a thing or two until it became second nature to me.

If you are new to writing newsletters, I'd like to offer you some tips that might make this process easier from the get go!

It is all about preparation!

Tip 1  - Gather the important dates for the current month, and possibly the upcoming one. Things like no-school days, early release days, field trips, County/State testing, and school events should be listed.

Tip 2  - Gather the topics you will be teaching that month. No need to go into much detail, just write an overview of what your goals are for the month. If you are doing something special like a book report, or a fun science experiment put more emphasis on that.

Tip 3  - Gather the spelling words your students will be learning that month. If you have space, it’s nice to list them so parents can give their kids some help at home.

Tip 4  - Gather the specials schedule so you can add it to the newsletter. Parents need to know when their children have P.E. That way, they’ll know to send them in sneakers.

Editable Newsletter Templates
Polka Dot Template

Tip 5  - Jot down your weekly procedures like the days you give and collect homework, when you collect library books, etc. In your first newsletter you might want to tell parents a little about your discipline policies.

Tip 6  - Have your daily schedule handy, or at least when you have snack, lunch, and when you go outside.

Tip 7  - Get the school office number and other contact information parents might need like your email. I also like to tell parents the best way to contact me (note in agenda, email, phone call, etc.).

Monthly Themes Template

Editable Newsletter Templates
Polka Dots Template

Tip 8  - Invest some time in the beginning of the year to find newsletter templates that you can easily edit. Keep your templates handy so you are not wasting time every month looking for one! If you wish, you are welcome to look at the newsletter templates I’ve created.

Tip 9  - When you have all the information you need, select a template and type it all out! Use fonts that are easy to read, and keep your message short and simple. Save your newsletters every month! You might be able to use parts of your newsletter from month to month, and possibly each year!

Tip 10  - Have someone proofread your newsletter before you make your final copies. It is an extra step that will help you look professional. Using colorful paper makes it eye catching and hard to miss!

Minimalist Template

Do you have Newsletter Writing Tips to share with other teachers? List them in the comments below!

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