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I Just Can't Do It

Have you ever felt like you can't keep up with the buzz? Boy, do I feel it lately! There is so much happening online all the time! I’ve been working relentlessly to follow the latest business trends and  to keep up with social media, but I just can’t do it!

Not because I’m not capable, but because worrying about those things doesn’t bring me satisfaction. There is always something to do and, like the laundry piling up in my room, it can take up all my time and never be done!

What about gaining followers? Have you ever worried about how unpopular you are? I have. I’ve been measuring my worth by the amount of likes,  follows,  feedback, and comments that I receive. Here's how it goes:
Lot's of virtual attention = I'm worthy.
Not lot's of virtual attention ='re not worth a thing, no one knows you exist.

I could stay on this rollercoaster ride, but I just can’t do it. Not because I don’t love virtual votes, but because when I believe that my worth is negotiable, I forget that I am innately worthy because I am me! 

If all of the outside pressure weren't enough, I can always count on my over-achiever self-talk to push me over the edge.

Familiar with that?

I’ve been trying to outperform myself by coming up with the next bestseller, but I just can’t do it. Not because I don't want to push myself, but because I want anything that I create to come from a place of love, and not from the stress and fear of never being as great as I was the day before. I love creating new resources and writing fabulous lesson plans for school. Each thing I do should bring me joy just because it is enjoyable to do! Does it really matter how it ranks?

Here's a reality check: Just like most of us don’t look like the girls in the covers of magazines, most of us are not the person with the popular blog, the most followers, and the biggest sales.

What I need to tell myself (and I thought that you might need to hear it too) is that statistics do not lessen the value of our work, the size of our efforts, or the joy of creating.

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Believe in what you do, and enjoy your ride.

Side bar: As I searched Pinterest for a nice quote to end this post, I ran across a fabulous post by Dani from Thyme is Honey. It's called "Online Life versus Real Life" .  Reading her post made me feel better.

Until next time,