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Thomas Jefferson Lesson Plans

When I first started teaching about Historic Figures I was given a set of  "American Heroes" itty-bitty books and a pat on the back. That was it.
We had about 2 weeks to stay on the topic, and I had no idea how to fill in that time. 

Each year after that I added new ideas to my lesson plans, and now I have a number of things that I do that make these lessons enjoyable for my students and me.
Here are some suggestions to help you put together lesson plans that you and your students will enjoy!

Learning About Shapes: 2 Teacher Directed Activities

Here are two activities that you can write into your Geometry Lesson Plans right away!

1. Directed Drawing with Shapes and Positional Words

This unassuming activity requires listening skills, grammar skills (Perfect for a Preposition Lesson!), and of course, geometry skills! It's super low prep and the kids love it!

What you do here is read a sentence with the name, color, and position of a shape, and your students draw it according to your directions!

Here's an example of sentences you could use:

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

Here's an example of an answer sheet you could use:

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas



TIP: Have your students locate all of the crayons they will need BEFORE you hand out the answer sheets! You don't want kids scrambling after a color in the middle of your activity!

FOLLOW UP: After this activity, I would totally project the answer sheet on the board and have the kids come up to draw! They could also write the name of the color inside the shape!

2. Marshmallow Shape Building

This activity takes more prep on your part, but it's not too bad.

What I love about it is that it's very tactile, it requires students to interact and learn how to work together taking turns, and the final result looks great on a bulletin board!

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

You will need:
1. Mini marshmallows
2. Toothpicks
3. Large construction paper (not white)
4. Glue sticks and scissors
5. Liquid glue (Elmer's)

Suggested Procedure:
1. Have students fold the construction paper into 4 boxes.

2. Decide if you want the direction of the paper to be landscape or portrait, and show kids what their papers should look like.

3. Have kids cut and paste the shape labels in each square. (I made those for you!)

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

4. Discuss safety rules for using toothpicks.

5. Discuss common courtesy rules when sharing materials (one hand taking materials at a time, say please and thank you, be courteous if two people reach for something at the same time, and let someone else go first a few times, etc)

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

6. Have the correct spelling of the shapes available for students.

7. Model how to build the shapes. You know your students and how
    much instruction they need.
    I allow my students to choose what shapes they want to build.

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas

8. Give out the marshmallows and toothpicks in little containers, or paper plates.

9. When shapes are finished, have students fill out the shape labels, and glue the marshmallows to the construction paper.



TIP: Show your students how much liquid glue to use when glueing the marshmallows. I didn't, and ended up with glue "puddles" on some papers. 

TIP: Make sure you have a plan for after the project! Where are you putting those papers while they dry?

I hope these activities appeal to you, and that they save you time planning engaging lessons for your students!


Other engaging Shape Resources are available from my TpT store.
These are NO-PREP, and come with assessments as well!
Free samples are available from the resource page!

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas
Preview it here!

Shape Activities Lesson Plans Ideas
Preview it here!

Adjectives – 5 Fun Activities to do With Your Students

So your kids understand what an adjective is. Now what?

Here are some fun activities you can do with them to practice identifying adjectives and using them!

1. Outdoors Scavenger Hunt 

Fun Adjective Activities

Take your students outside with a clipboard and a sheet to record what they observe. 

  • Have them touch things and record what those things feel like (warm, cold, smooth, rough, hard, soft, sharp, blunt, etc). 
  • Have them close their eyes, listen to sounds, and record what those sounds sounded like (loud, soft, high pitch, low pitch, pleasant, annoying, etc). 
  • Next, have them look around at things. Have them describe the colors and other qualities of the things they see.
  • Back in the classroom, have them write about what they experienced outside using the adjectives on their chart!

2. Book Scavenger Hunt

Fun Adjective Activities

Have your students partner with a buddy to find adjectives in books that they enjoy reading.
  • As students find adjectives, write them on sticky notes.
  • When they are done, have the buddies find 2 other buddies and use the adjectives to orally retell the parts of the story that go with each adjective.

3. Sentence Strip Scavenger Hunt

Fun Adjective Activities

Get kids moving and looking for adjectives by doing a scavenger hunt in your classroom!

  • Write sentences with adjectives on sentence strips.
  • Number the sentence strips and tape them to your walls. If you have hallway space, this can also happen out in the hall!
  • Give your students a clipboard and paper and have them number the paper to match the number of sentences you have on your walls. (If you have 10 sentence strips, kids number their papers from 1 to 10).
  • As students walk around and read the sentences, have them identify the adjectives and write them on the lines next to the corresponding number on their papers. (If they are working on sentence number 4, their adjective is written on line 4 on their paper.)
  • If you feel it would be a fair assessment, collect the papers and take a grade! (MAKE SUPER SURE that each paper has a name before you collect them ;)

4. Card Sort

Fun Adjective Activities
Make your cards or purchase for 1st or 2nd Grades.

This is a super quick activity for the morning, or a "ticket out the door" type of thing.

  • Have a T-Chart chart on your easel with the headings "Nouns and Adjectives". (Or use as many parts of speech as you find appropriate.)
  • As students come into your classroom in the morning, or as they leave for lunch, hand them cards with either a noun or an adjective.
  •  Have students write their names on the cards and place them under the correct heading on the chart.
  • This activity is another informal way of assessing your students' understanding, and a quick way to determine who needs extra instruction in a small group setting.

5. Describe a Funny Picture

Kids love being creative. Let them use adjectives to creatively describe pictures!

  • Show your students a picture of a funny character, or have them draw their own. 
  • Have students use adjectives, in complete sentences, to describe their pictures.
Fun Adjective Activities
I use these adorable printables in my classroom. I love the choice of difficulty level, because it allows me to address different students needs.
Fun Adjective Activities

Here's an example of what one of my students did. 
Looking back, I should have required them to not repeat adjectives in their sentences, right?

Fun Adjective Activities
Available for 1st and 2nd Grades.

  • Challenge early finishers to write a story about their character using adjectives!

Fun Adjective Activities
 These were written on the back of the sheets you saw above.
Fun Adjective Activities

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For extra adjective resources, feel free to check these packets at my TpT store. They are packed with all sorts of activities to help you teach great adjective lessons!

Fun Adjective Activities
1st Grade

Fun Adjective Activities
2nd Grade